Mameshiba & Kotori Tai Dog & Bird Kitchen Pans
Mameshiba & Kotori Tai Dog & Bird Kitchen Pans$24.99 - $48.99
Up to $7.34 cash back

Will really brighten up your kitchen and cooking!


I bought the Kotori Tai version and it already makes me happy seeing it sitting on my stove top. It feels sturdy, not like the usual novelty kitchenware product that always feels like it's made of aluminium, and cooks evenly on medium heat. I also like the silicon handle cover, so you don't burn your hands when handling the pot.
I don't use it with high heat though, because I want to keep the cute pink colour of the pan's bottom and definitely, please hand wash the pan after use!
If you treat it with care, it is a good kitchen pan and will treat you well too ✧

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