Pooh-chan Pochette
Pooh-chan Pochette$26.99$17.74 - $26.99(Up to 34% OFF)
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Holds more than her size looks!!


I got my original Pooh-chan Pochette at Shin-Osaka station...This is my most used bag because it carries a lot more than it looks like it can and doesn't look overstretched. Even my sister marvels at Pooh-chan's super powers!
4 years later and my original pochette is looking very 'well loved', so I began my search for a replacement just in case.
To my joy and delight, I found the exact same pochette...and for sale too!! This one is exactly like the one I bought all those years ago.
I highly recommend this pochette to lovelies who's got to bring all their precious stuff with them but doesn't want to carry a big bag~

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