Contest runs from 7/21 - 8/23 PDT

Thank you for all the amazing submissions!
Finally, we can crown the winner of the Grand Prize and each award!

Grand Prize Winner!

With a stunning collection and special guest for tea, the winner of the Grand Prize is ruru_berry who has won $1,000 in TOM Points!

SENPAI Award winner!

The room has a collection of figures and books lined up in an organized fashion.
Truly an envy of otaku!
There is also a sense of color harmony and it’s the kinda room that makes one want to come and play!

For the SENPAI Award, ruru_berryz will also receive $500 worth of figures!

SENPAI Award nominees!

SailorMoon Obsession and ShibobuOshino will also each win $100 in TOM Points!

SailorMoon Obsession

KAWAII Award winner!


There is a plushies placed in every single possible spot of dose.of.bean’s plushie wall! It really shows their love of plushies!

For the SENPAI Award, ruru_berryz will also receive $500 worth of plushies!

KAWAII Award nominees!

KAWAII Award nominees sweetlemoncat and Ⓐsh @ P5A suffering will also each win $100 in TOM Points!

Ⓐsh @ P5A suffering

CREATIVITY Award winner!

If you zoom in you can see that there are even figures displayed in Shoe’s PC case. The neon lights are also very nice!

For the CREATIVITY Award Shoe will receive $500 in otaku goods!

CREATIVITY Award nominees!

CREATIVITY Award nominees aurybq and Traxion will also each win $100 in TOM Points!

TOM Award winner!

The final special award was granted to the room most popular among the TOM staff!

The TOM award goes to Shoe also! Shoe will win a TOM Original merchandise!

We also planned to distribute $10,000 in TOM Points to voters, but there was so many voters that we increased this amount to $12,000 and

everyone will each receive $3 in TOM Points!

Points will be distributed in mid September. No additional contact will be made thereafter.

There was also many submissions!
Although it is is only a portion, we’ve share some of these submissions below!

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Let's Enjoy OTAKU Life!