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Welcome to ANIMAREAL, a project that seeks to create a new culture from Japan’s world-class anime, manga and games.

ANIMAREAL is a combination of the words “anime” and “real” -in short, our goal is the complete realization of anime and manga.
What we create is not simply live-action cosplay, but instead a never-before-seen kind of artistic expression made possible by three things: consistent concepts, an unwavering love for the original works, and world-class techniques. With these three key points, our goal is to satisfy over 90% of fans of the anime and manga we bring to life.
ANIMAREAL Representative ICHI

An art book with praises from Stan Lee, the creator of countless MARVEL heroes.

10 winners chosen randomly from those who participated in the survey will receive a copy of THE ART of ANIMAREAL! Each copy will be signed by representative ICHI along with the winner’s name. We look forward for your participation!


July 29, 2018 ~ August 11, 2018 @ 11:59 P.M. (PDT/PST)


Please access the survey form below and fill it in. Enter your email address in the end and click OK to participate.


The results of the survey will be used by ANIMAREAL to plan their next project. Submitted email addresses will only be used to contact winners.

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ANIMAREAL is going to bring to the forefront brand new possibilities from Japan’s
amazing culture. We are confident that from this an even cooler Japan will be born, and in turn,
more people than ever will be drawn in to make Japan an even more dynamic place.

This is the future we are heading for.