Tokyo Otaku Mode Exclusive! Full Custom Order Replica Japanese Swords

Make a one-of-a-kind sword just for you!


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Tokyo Otaku Mode will help you create the wonderful sword you desire. With 42 different blades, guards, scabbards and other Japanese sword pieces available, you can choose the perfect parts to create a sword exactly how you want it.
These pieces can be combined in 583.2K combinations! You’ll get your very own sword made by you, for you.

Japanese swords are not only used by heroes in Japan, but also in comics and films around the world. Create your own Japanese sword to hang in your home or even to add a cool look to your cosplay!

Product Details

total length: approx. 105 cm(approx. 41.3 in)
blade length: approx. 73 cm(approx. 28.7 in)
handguard: alloy
blade: zinc alloy
handle: synthetic resin
scabbard: wood
  • *This is a special order item. From the time of order, it takes about eight weeks to produce.
  • *This is a replica sword, not a real sword.
  • *Payments are accepted via PayPal. Those without a PayPal account can pay with a credit card.

Out of Stock