In 1989, our company BANPRESTO launched under Bandai Group (now known as Bandai Namco Group) as a company responsible for amusement undertakings.

“Ban” from BANPRESTO comes from Bandai Group while “Presto” comes from the musical term that means “quick tempo.” Our corporate philosophy is shown through what we treat as our mission: to be a speedy and timely business that constantly seizes upon current trends and customers' needs.

The fundamental principles of our company are shown through our logo which represents the first letter of BANPRESTO, “B,” while its glasses shape symbolizes our constant curiosity and persistence to keep our eyes fixed on the future in search of new discoveries.

We believe that characters are universal creations that can connect all people together, and we aim to create products that make customers’ hearts race and build a world of warm, caring friendliness.

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