Same-Z Small Plush Mascots

Don’t fight the current, man! 🌊

Same-Z Small Plush Mascots

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Product Name: Same-Z Small Plush Mascots

Series: Same-Z
Manufacturer: System Service Co., Ltd.
Size (approx.): 5 cm | 2"

The strange Same-Z sea creatures Itachi, Hoojiro, Jinbe, and Azarashi live life slow and relaxed despite it being a weak becomes meat kind of world in the big blue. Together they play and eat as they please, living life in harmony with the ocean's currents.

Jinbe is an easygoing whale shark who love plankton, Itachi is a glutton who will eat anything that moves, Azarashi is a seal who's friends with Hoojiro, and Hoojiro is a great white shark who loves Azarashi for various reasons… Get one or all of these chill aquatic animals to remind you that sometimes it's best to go with the flow~ Each measures 2” and comes with a strap attached. 🦈

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