milklim Happy Lucky Bag

Includes 5-6 milklim pieces! Super bargain!

milklim Happy Lucky Bag
Photos are for reference only. Items included may differ from photos shown.
milklim Happy Lucky Bag
milklim Happy Lucky Bag
milklim Happy Lucky Bag
milklim Happy Lucky Bag
milklim Happy Lucky Bag
milklim Happy Lucky Bag
milklim Happy Lucky Bag
milklim Happy Lucky Bag

・This item cannot be returned or exchanged.
・Sample photos shown may differ from the final product.

Product Name: milklim Happy Lucky Bag

Brand: milklim
Size: Free

  • 1 Outerwear Piece
  • 2-3 Tops
  • 2 Bottoms

Total Value (approx.): $200

How does $200 worth of adorable milklim clothes for only $100 sound? This milklim Happy Lucky Bag includes one outerwear piece, two to three tops, and two bottoms! It is a must-have for milklim lovers. The contents will be chosen by random, so what you receive will be a pleasant surprise. Get one now and you can look forward to more than a handful of lovely milkim pieces to enjoy! 💖

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milklim Bear Big Nylon Jacket
$0.53 (0.98% cash back)

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4 product reviews
Very Cute!
24 Feb. 2017Permalink

I received all very cute items including the star skirt, sundae tee, and shorts as seen in the sample pic. Great deal!

Really Cute Stuff
06 Jul. 2017Permalink

The colors are very vibrant and fun. Great for casual wear, especially the t-shirts. I'm very happy with all of the clothes that came in the bag, may order again in the future!

Love this brand
07 Jun. 2017Permalink

Everything I got was super cute and fit really well; the only issue I had was that the seam for the bunny shorts was so weak that it just got a hole in it after a couple wears just from me walking around

25 Mar. 2017Permalink

This lucky bag had so many cute items in it! I absolutely adore milklim and this was such a great deal! Very generous sizing and adorable patterns and prints! Shipping was a bit steep (almost half the pack itself :/ ), but it was worth every penny!