COSCOS Body Foundation

Feel confident that you look great from head to toe with COSCOS Body Foundation!

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Product Name: COSCOS Body Foundation

Manufacturer: Liberta Co., Ltd.
Volume: 100 ml
Made in Japan

COSCOS are a cosmetic brand for cosplayers. By transforming into your favorite characters with the help of COSCOS, you can enjoy long-lasting makeup that looks amazing and feels amazing, too!

Feel confident that you look great from head to toe with COSCOS Body Foundation! This body foundation covers uneven skin tone and brightens up dull skin while maintaining a beautifully natural look, and its soft focus formula ensures a photogenic finish.

Thanks to moisturizing ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid, your skin will stay wonderfully hydrated. Its light and non-sticky texture makes it a delight to apply, and it's also waterproof and sweatproof, making it ideal for long days of cosplaying or photo shoots! This 100 ml bottle is perfect for carrying around.

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Works great!

1 out of 1 people found this review to be helpful.

I'm super pale, so this worked really well for my skin tone. I was impressed with the smooth, bright finish it gives, and it lasts! I put it on one night, and when I showered the next morning it was still on my legs after I got out (I didn't use soap or scrub at it) so I think it lives up to being waterproof and sweat proof. I bought this for a wedding, so I'm hoping to get that soft airbrush effect in the photos. It's light and applies easily. It isn't sticky.


the product is perfect, the delivery was very slow more than 5 weeks

Magic effect

Skin real become more white


I very love this Body Foundation! I'm tan and with this product cosmetic, my skin is more white!

04 Feb. 2017
Loved it

Lovely product, really good

10 Nov. 2016
Your skin can brightens up.

It's light and non-sticky and your skin tone will brighter than normal :)

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