Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie

The ultimate onesie for cat lovers AND their cats! (=^-^=) <3

Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 1
Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 2
Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 3
Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 4
Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 5
Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 6
Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 7
Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 8
Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 9
Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 10
Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 11
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Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 13
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Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie 15
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Product Name: Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie

Series: Mewgaroo
Manufacturer: BE-S Co., Ltd.

  • White/Black: 100% polyester
  • Calico/Tabby: 80% polyester, 20% cotton
    Cat Max Weight: 7 kg | 15.4 lbs

[CAUTION] Please hold the bottom of the pocket securely and move cautiously when standing and walking with a cat in the pocket.

Does your cat meow incessantly unless you pick her up and hold her? Relaxing can be difficult when you’ve always got a furball meowing for your attention. Thankfully, cat life experts in Japan have come up with an adorable answer to “How can I laze around comfortably and keep my four-legged baby happy?” Meet the Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie - a onesie both you and your cat will love lounging in together!

Just plop your well-loved furry companion into the front pocket specially made for that purpose and enjoy passing the time together. You’ll both love feeling each other's cozy warmth! The inner pocket is 14.9" x 11.8" and can be snapped off to be cleaned separately if you so desire. You also don’t have to worry about your cat getting their claws stuck in the material; it’s been specially made to avoid just that!

The fleece-lined sweatshirt-like material of the onesie itself is comfortable for both humans and felines alike plus it can be easily laundered. Thoughtful details abound from the hood to the pant legs including plush kitty ears, pom poms on the hoodie’s drawstrings (your cat will love batting them!), thumbholes on the sleeves with paw pad embroidery on the palms, a long plush tail (we’re warning you now that your cat might also take to playing with it!), and paw prints on the end of the pant legs. There is even a zippered area by your toosh so your cat can join you in the bathroom as you scroll through cat videos and get some relief! What more could you possibly ask for?! (=^-^=)

Show your cat just how much you love being with her by giving her a regal ride in this Dameneko Mewgaroo Onesie! Long-sleeve and summer hoodies are also available!

There's more!

Size Chart

Size Chart (cm/in) M L
Bust 113/44.5 116/45.7
Body Length 88/ 34.6 90/35.4
Sleeve Length 88/34.6 90/35.4
Inseam 59/23.2 66/26
Total Length 194/76.4 204/80.3

All measurements are approximations.

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01 Jun. 2017
comfy but large is large

2 out of 2 people found this review to be helpful.

this is a really cozy onesie, the material is nice and it's not too hot. The large size is in fact large (I had been skeptical when I ordered it since Japanese sizes tend to run smaller) it's quite baggy but that's perfectly acceptible in a onesie. The pocket is a bit small for my cat to sit in comfortably, but I have a somewhat pudgy cat so that's probably why, she's still willing to put up with me placing her in it though

So cute and snuggly!

2 out of 2 people found this review to be helpful.

Very cute and snuggly. Comfortable fit. Only problem is there aren't enough cold days in Florida to enjoy wearing it.

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