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Product Name: Bananya Plush Pen Pouch

Series: Bananya
Manufacturer: Q-Lia
Material: Soft boa
Dimensions (approx.): 210 x 80 x 60 mm | 8.3" x 3.1" x 2.4"

Bananya are cats that live in bananas! Seeing one in the kitchen is truly rare, but thankfully there are plenty of plushie Bananya products to satisfy their biggest fans - like these Bananya Plush Pen Pouches!

Choose from classic Bananya (who dreams to become a trendy Bananya covered in chocolate and sprinkles), dignified bowtie-wearing Black Bananya, Fluffy Bananya (who’s a bit of a narcissistic always brushing his fluffy hair and all), Tiger Bananya, and Calico Bananya. They are social creatures, so grab at least one for your pens and another for your pencils!

Their zippered top will keep your stationery supplies safe and their adorable appearance will give your mood an energy boost no matter what project or long study session you’re starting on!

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Oh yeah!

Ever since I saw my friend have one of these pen pouches, I wanted one too. She had the Calico version, but TOM was out of stock... However, the black one was nice and I'm satisfied with the quality of the product.

29 Jun. 2017
Surprisingly spacious

It's a cute pouch for school and definitely a good conversation piece! I fit about 10 or so mini highlighters in it, two pens, one white out, and I think a tube of hand sanitizer.

11 Apr. 2017
Cute and soft!

Bought a few and gave them to my friends and they loved it! I have one for myself and besides its cuteness factor, it has a holding capacity of a decent amount of pen/pencils (16) and you could probably fit a few more if you tried. However, it might be a little too fat to fit into a small backpack if you over stuff it.

Adorable and fast shipping

I bought this Banaya Pencil case for my friend and she absolutely loved it. The pencil case/pouch is pretty good quality and the shipping was very fast as well!


I love it! It's very cute and of course I take it too school, it keeps me focused for some reason hahaha. My two favorite things, bananas and cats! :3


It's good quality and I've gotten a lot of complements. I've been using it for school and it holds up well. I have a pencil, pen, highlighter, eraser, extra lead, and USB memory stick all inside. I love it! Bana~nya!

03 Nov. 2016
Best ever!

Can you believe how cute this is! Bananya Pen pouch is the best. I fit my fave pens and pencils in this pouch. It fit over 10 in it and now I have them all in my pack and an ready to go.

27 Sep. 2016

Cute soft little pouch

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