Fate/Grand Order Saber Arturia Pendragon 1/7 Scale Figure (Deluxe Edition)

Fate/Grand Order Saber Arturia Pendragon 1/7 Scale Figure (Deluxe Edition) 1
Fate/Grand Order Saber Arturia Pendragon 1/7 Scale Figure (Deluxe Edition) 2
Fate/Grand Order Saber Arturia Pendragon 1/7 Scale Figure (Deluxe Edition) 3
Fate/Grand Order Saber Arturia Pendragon 1/7 Scale Figure (Deluxe Edition) 4
Fate/Grand Order Saber Arturia Pendragon 1/7 Scale Figure (Deluxe Edition) 5

Photos shown may differ from the final product.
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Product Name: Fate/Grand Order Saber Arturia Pendragon 1/7 Scale Figure (Deluxe Edition)

Series: Fate/Grand Order
Manufacturer: Aniplex
Sculptor: Katsuyoshi Miyajima
Specifications: Painted, non-articulated, 1/7 scale ABS & PVC figure
Height (approx.): 250 mm | 9.8"
Deluxe Edition Contents:

  • Saber figure
  • Light-up LED base
  • Plastic crown
  • Removable cape
  • Alternate expression part
  • Alternate hand part
  • Excalibur
  • Alloy crown
  • Crown case

Order Limit: 3 per person
TOM Points cannot be used on orders containing this item.

For a copy of the English manual, please Contact Us!

Beautifully sculpted by Katsuyoshi Miyajima, this impressive 1/7 scale figure perfectly recreates the appearance of Saber Arturia Pendragon just as she appears in the Fate/Grand Order RPG. Standing at 9.8” tall, this Deluxe Edition of the figure comes with a host of accessories including a light-up LED base, a removable crown, removable cape, interchangeable expressions, and an interchangeable hand for posing the Excalibur sword!

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82 product reviews
Commanding and Beautiful
09 Mar. 2017[Edited]Permalink

This figure is breathtaking, plain and simple. I'm glad I spent the extra money to get the deluxe figure instead of the standard edition because the LED base really sells the whole look. Unfortunately, as is a complaint from most of the other reviews she does not stand firmly on her base. She fits fine on the standard one but she wobbles on the LED base. They're also right about the no instruction manual but I received a email from TOM with English instructions.

She really is spectacular from all angles--even my sister who thinks my other figures are dumb had to compliment how impressive it is.

There's a lot of pieces to this and I liked that it comes with a li...
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Absolutely Love It
08 Mar. 2017[Edited]Permalink

Was much larger than I though it would be, but I really like it's size. Very high quality sculpting and painting and swapping parts is easy without the need for concern of damaging anything. I'd write more but that would just be putting more words than needed as I'd go on and on for it's qualities, and I haven't found anything off or that I didn't like about it.

Edit: As for what other reviews say about the hand and sword, at first it seems like the extra hand is a little loose when you place it, but it seems sturdy enough and I haven't had a problem with it or the sword.
The deluxe stand does have a small issue with it almost seeming like she's ...
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So Kawaii!!!
08 Mar. 2017Permalink

I absolutely love it! The design is amazing and I love all the extra stuff that comes with it. I didn't realize I would be able to do different poses with it. It's bigger than I expected and I am perfectly fine with that. I love the box for it too. It is probably my new favorite statue that I own. Very satisfied.

The King of Knights in Top Form
08 Mar. 2017[Edited]Permalink

Saber (Artoria Pendragon) from the Fate franchise strikes a noble pose in her full regalia as depicted in Fate/Grand Order. Saber stands atop a fancy lit base and comes with a couple of good removable accessories (crown & cape) and an alternative right arm to hold her sword Excalibur in one of two ways. Wether planting Excalibur or brandishing it, her pose is resolute, but implicitly dynamic thanks to the "flow" of her cape and dress. Face sculpt and paint applications are up to par for an expensive scale, and while Saber doesn't have a nendroid's worth of extra parts, what you do get works VERY well in portraying the majesty attributed to the strongest knight of Came...Read moreClose

Majesty and Regalia
07 Mar. 2017Permalink

There is some nitpicks I have about the figure, but only minor and do not - or rather should not - alter the decision in purchasing such a beautiful figure. I read the reviews of people who received theirs earlier and I was a bit nervous.

Instructions were mailed to me which is cool. TOM really does pay attention.

Any who. My one nitpick is the many parts that come with the figure. Some are understandable, like the crown or hand(s), but...... the strand of hair (Ahoge?). that kinda bothered me.

I read reviews that the figure wobbles on the LED stand, but I find that it doesn't at all. At least I haven't noticed it after testing it out. The sword does tend ...
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07 Mar. 2017Permalink

Arrive in excellent condition and fast. Bigger than I expected. Came with extra doodads that I'm not sure what they're used for.

Great Saber figure <3

Beautiful figure
07 Mar. 2017Permalink

Shipping was quick as usual. The figure itself is wonderfully detailed. One piece of skirt armor had fallen off, but it was a simple fix with some glue. Other than that, I had no issues like many other people speak of. She stands fine in the premium base and the extra hands and sword attached perfectly.

Top Notch
07 Mar. 2017Permalink

Fantastic figure with just a few flaws. First, be sure to get the manual that TOM emails you to help figure out the support stands. Quite a hassle to set up at first due to her wobbliness, but once supported by Excalibur and the supports for her cape she becomes nice and sturdy. Her crown and ahoge sit loosely atop her head, so it's best you not move her around too much. No batteries were included, so I can't say how well the stand lights up. Everything else about this figure is perfect.

06 Mar. 2017Permalink

This is a huge box with 2 kind of saber(you can modiy them which is awesome). if you love saber, you should buy this one!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful Figure horrible paintjob
04 May. 2017Permalink

I already knew that there was issue with the cloak where the white part will have some blue paint. I was hoping I will be lucky with few issues with it. But what I didn't foresaw was almost all the white parts has blue paint on the cloak. So much that it might of been the design of the figure. Not to mention there are scratches on the cloak and other parts of the dress. For this price the quality control is lacking. Lucky for me I am using RGB lightening so I can use a blue hue to make it all less noticeable.

17 Mar. 2017Permalink

My all round experience with ordering the product was great. The item arrive on time and was package really well. As for the item it was perfect conditions and the item described on the website was all it said to be, and was easy for me to put together.

12 Mar. 2017Permalink

Absolutely stunning figure of Saber! The figure is exactly as advertised! I was expecting high quality work, but was blown away by the sheer quality of the sculpt and paint work. The glowing pedestal just adds the much needed ethereal atmosphere to the piece.

I also need to briefly mention how quick and easy she is to set up; though do be careful! If you're using the pedestal as a stand, she does tilt a bit which is why you have a peg in the back to keep things from falling. I've almost dropped her when I was putting her onto it since I expected her to be rooted in place. Other then that though, no problems at all, and she displays very nicely!

To sum everythin...
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Summoned a winner
06 Mar. 2017Permalink

Absolutely stunning figure of Saber from Fate/Grand Order! Wonderful paint work that fairly accurately mirrors the source image and some unique details like Excalibur having a slight translucent effect.

The Deluxe Edition comes with some extras like a crown, a base that lights up (using 4 AAA batteries), an extra facial expression, an extra hand piece to change the pose, and a little present box that can hold the crown and other parts. The base has two lighting modes, one that pulses and one that just stays on with no effects. The box that the figure comes in is gigantic and decorated with nice graphics. It actually comes as two boxes (one for the stand and one for the figure itself...
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It's a pretty cool nightlight
05 Mar. 2017[Edited]Permalink

This is a fantastic figure. The LED base uses four AAA batteries and has two light modes—one at full brightness, and one that constantly transitions between dim and bright. There are indents for both of Saber's feet and where Excalibur can be used as support; the figure still wobbles a bit, but it won't fall off. Saber's cape is pretty cool, but the manual recommends using support stands to avoid damaging the figure over time. Personally I think that using support stands look really ugly unless it's incorporated in a creative way to the base, so I probably won't be using it.

I have two negatives about this figure. First is the armor piece on the right hand ...
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This Figure is a Masterpiece!
04 Mar. 2017Permalink

Once put together, this saber figure is stunning! My one nitpick is that I wish it came with instruction manual in the box instead of having to download the manual from the aniplex website, but you can get an english version of the manual this way. This thing is a beast of a figure and takes up a lot of room if you use the cape. The Deluxe light up stand is the perfect touch, however I will probably not turn it on often due to the amount of batteries you will have to go through.

Overall amazing figure!!!