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Product Name: Kawaii Plush Lucky Bags

Lucky Bag Contents: Random assortment of Kawaii items (mostly plushies, may include a few accessories or stationery items)


  • Every Lucky Bag contains products altogether worth more than the price of the Lucky Bag itself!
  • All sales are final, absolutely no refunds or exchanges.
  • Photos provided are for demonstration purposes only. Actual content will vary.
  • These are limited edition products - once they’re gone, they’re gone!

When you see a pile of cute plushies, sometimes it’s hard to know which to choose, even if you know you’d love any of them! But with one of these Kawaii Plushie Lucky Bags, you’ll receive a random assortment of cute items! It’s not just limited to plushies, though. You may even receive accessories or stationery! Each bag is even worth more than the price of the bag itself. You may not know what you’ll end up with, but you can rest assured that it’s guaranteed to be kawaii!

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