King Blade X10Ⅲ Neo Lightsticks

King Blade X10Ⅲ Neo Lightsticks 1

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Product Name: King Blade X10Ⅲ Neo Lightsticks

Manufacturer: RUIFAN JAPAN LTD.
Specifications: Lightstick with 15 changeable colors and memory function
Required: 3 AAA batteries

  • Super Tube
  • Shining
  • Smoke

Light Size (approx.):

  • Super Tube: 100 mm | 3.9"
  • Shining: 150 mm | 5.9"
  • Smoke: 150 mm | 5.9"

Total Length (approx.):

  • Super Tube: 200 mm | 7.9"
  • Shining: 250 mm | 9.8"
  • Smoke: 250 mm | 9.8"

Also Includes:

  • Strap
  • Chain cable
  • Test batteries

Ideal companions for parties and concerts, these King Blade X10Ⅲ Neo lightsticks come with a memory function and no less than 15 changeable colors! It is available in three sizes, the 7.9-inch-long Super Tube with a 3.9-inch-long light, the 9.8-inch-long Shining with a 5.9-inch-long light, and the also 9.8-inch-long Smoke. Each of them include a strap, a chain cable, and test batteries, so all you need is 3 AAA batteries and let the party commence!

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They light up nice and bright (I have the shining tube) To reprogram the colors, download the app from the company's website (both iOS and android) then hold both buttons on the device until its blinking blue. Make sure the volume is all the way up too. Used a QR code to change the colors on mine, worked great. They use an included IR adapter to program.

I love the lightstick

The aplication APP is awesome

-If I had to say because I decided to buy this product, I would definitely say that it is because of its high range of colors , it's amazing all that has to be totally satisfied in this area. Furthermore.

-What I did not like was the very small strap that leaves much to be desired.

-I would recommend this product to all those people who love to go to concerts and enliven the atmosphere with lightstick

16 Feb. 2016
Very nice Lightsticks!

If you like go to concerts... this is your ultimate weapon ! The colours are super bright, is like having a lightsaber in your hand!

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