King Blade X10Ⅲ Neo Lightsticks

King Blade X10Ⅲ Neo Lightsticks 1
Product Name: King Blade X10Ⅲ Neo Lightsticks

Manufacturer: RUIFAN JAPAN LTD.
Specifications: Lightstick with 15 changeable colors and memory function
Required: 3 AAA batteries

  • Super Tube
  • Shining
  • Smoke

Light Size (approx.):

  • Super Tube: 100 mm | 3.9"
  • Shining: 150 mm | 5.9"
  • Smoke: 150 mm | 5.9"

Total Length (approx.):

  • Super Tube: 200 mm | 7.9"
  • Shining: 250 mm | 9.8"
  • Smoke: 250 mm | 9.8"

Also Includes:

  • Strap
  • Chain cable
  • Test batteries

Ideal companions for parties and concerts, these King Blade X10Ⅲ Neo lightsticks come with a memory function and no less than 15 changeable colors! It is available in three sizes, the 7.9-inch-long Super Tube with a 3.9-inch-long light, the 9.8-inch-long Shining with a 5.9-inch-long light, and the also 9.8-inch-long Smoke. Each of them include a strap, a chain cable, and test batteries, so all you need is 3 AAA batteries and let the party commence!

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