Reese 8 Plush | Animal Crossing"

Reese 8 Plush | Animal Crossing" 1
Reese 8 Plush | Animal Crossing" 2
Reese 8 Plush | Animal Crossing" 3
Reese 8 Plush | Animal Crossing" 4
Reese 8 Plush | Animal Crossing" 5
Reese 8 Plush | Animal Crossing" 6
Product Name: Reese 8 Plush | Animal Crossing"

Series: Animal Crossing
Manufacturer: Little Buddy, LLC.
Size: approx. 8"

The adorable pink alpaca Reese from Animal Crossing is now a plushie!

Along with her husband Cyrus, Reese is the co-owner of the Re-Tail store in the world of Animal Crossing. In this particular plushie form she measures 8 inches tall and comes with her usual pink coat and red apron.

If you are a fan of this super cute alpaca couple from Animal Crossing, why not buy one or both today?

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I love her I also got Cyrus both are very detailed!


She's adorable Reese is one of my favorites and is a great addition to my plushie collection. Only problem is that I wish they would of put more detail into her like they did for her amiibo character. Her apron is a bit low on her body and the white lines that are supposed to run along the fist curve on the bottom of her face is not there. I also wish she could stand but I guess the way they designed her is for her to sit down and I really don't have a problem with it tbh she's a perfect fit for my bed! Not sure if I'll buy her husband though but I might since I don't want her to get lonely hehe. I totally recommend! :)💝

In love!

Reese and her husband have been one of my favorite characters in Animal crossing! I love how detailed they made her adorable plush!

18 Feb. 2016[Edited]
Reese <3

The cutest thing on earth~