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Product Name: Swankiss Ice Cream Sandals

Brand: Swankiss
Manufacturer: Fasion-Co-Lab
Available Colors: Lavender, White, Pink
Sizes (Ladies):

  • M (lavender, white, pink)
  • L (lavender)

These adorable sandals from cute Japanese fashion house Swankiss are modelled on a classic ice cream sunday! In a lovely lilac color, the shoes have a cute lacy trim on the front and tiny white hearts above the sole, plus a large scoop of ice cream on the toe with some cream, half a strawberry on top, and a flower-like blob of cream and candy on the side. A sweet treat for your tired feet, these adorable sandals are just the way to bring a bit of sugary cuteness to your summer.

This is an authentic Swankiss item made available on TOM with the permission of the original manufacturer.

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Size Chart

Size Chart (cm/in) M L
Sole 4/1.6 4/1.6
Heel 10.8/4.3 11/4.3
Length 23.5/9.3 24.5/9.7

All measurements are approximations.

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02 May. 2016
Swankiss Ice Cream Sandals

I wear size 6.5/7 shoes (depending on whether I'm wearing heels or flats). I got these shoes in the M size and they fit perfectly. If you have slightly bigger feet, they will probably still fit, but you may need to punch another hole in the strap. The ice cream decorations are removable. One of them detached from its pin the first time I wore them, but I hot glued it back on and it's been fine ever since. These are excellent shoes and I try to find an excuse to wear them whenever I can!