Shiho Enta Art Works

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Publisher: Shinshokan
Publication Date: Aug. 9, 2014
Specifications: A4 size, 128 pages
Language: Japanese

Shiho Enta is a highly talented illustrator known for her cover art of Yukito Ayatsuji’s Another and the anthology Hirari and her illustrations in Hana to Yume by Tow Ubukata and Hontou no Hana o Mise ni Kita by Kazuki Sakuraba. This collection is centered around the intense yet flickering beauty of young girls, drawn in her own distinct style. Shiho Enta puts particular emphasis on the hair and eyes of the characters she creates, and she likes to describe her art with a borrowed sentence that goes as, “Girls with eyes so clear that you could peek into their hearts.” Besides the more than 100 beautiful works, five of which were drawn just for this gorgeous collection, this art book also contains explanations from the author herself. Over 120 pages of mesmerising eyes, ethereal flowing hair, pink noses and full lips await the fans of this inspiring artist and anyone who appreciates this kind of art!