CharaGumin Lina Inverse 1/6th Scale Garage Kit

CharaGumin Lina Inverse 1/6th Scale Garage Kit 1
Product Details
Series: Slayers
Manufacturer: Volks
Sculptor: Kitahara Choro Kousuke
Specifications: painted 1/6th scale resin figure
Height: approx. 23 cm (approx. 9 in)
Number of Pieces: 65 (11 colors)
Eye decals also included

This CharaGumin figure comes in 65 painted parts. Assembly is required. The product pictured is a painted prototype and may differ from the actual product.

Calling all wizards, demons, bandits, and gods! What’s that? You’re just a fan of the Slayers light novel, anime and manga series? Well, I suppose this might interest you as well. It’s Lina Inverse as a one-of-a-kind CharaGumin garage kit! This figure made history as the first in the unique CharaGumin figure kit series. In her signature pink outfit, unruly orange hair, and removable black and purple cape, Lina is confident and ready to fight any demon that stands in her way! Experience your figure hobby in a new way by making your very own Line Inverse figure!

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Superb kit, couldn't ask for better

Lina was my first Volks kit and I couldn't be more pleased with the result. Like all Chara-Gumin kits she's made of pliable resin-PVC hybrid material that doesn't require you to wear a respirator while sanding and does not require the difficult process of pinning and puttying like a typical garage kit. Lina comes with instructions for assembly so you know exactly how to put her together. She does not require painting to be complete, but DOES require some paint if you want her to look like the picture--but this much should be obvious to you if you're even CONSIDERING buying a garage kit.
I painted mine to add shading, tweak colors in places, and just generally make her...
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