Presenting special photos of Akane Fujita and Minami Takahashi!

Dec. 28, 2018

The “Cover the World in Eromanga Sensei” plan was announced during the 23rd episode of the Niconico web series “Eromanga Sensei The Anime: Let’s Make The Latest Anime Together!” which aired live on October 31st. There wasn’t a lot of time to explain the special prizes that come when backing these projects, so we introduce them!

We’ll show you a few of the photos that will be used for the special presents! Remember, this is only a small selection of all the photos!

Just look at how cute they are together! Everyone who buys an Eromanga Sensei goods set will receive a cute photo like these as a freebie!

If we reach our goal of selling over 800 rewards, we’ll also give away calendars that use photos of the two! Please look forward to seeing the photos and spread the word so we can reach our goal!

Note: This will only become the special freebie if we reach our goal of selling over 800 rewards. If the goal is not reached, it will be replaced by a bromide.