Vertical Maneuvering Equipment 4-Way Bag Gray

by Tokyo Otaku Mode
Attack on Wallet Corps
Vertical Maneuvering Equipment 4-Way Bag Gray


A realistic color scheme! A new color for the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment Bag!

A new gray version of the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment 4-Way Bag that was released in 2017 and became popular among fans has joined the lineup. While keeping its Vertical Maneuvering Equipment-like design, this version closely resembles the color scheme seen in the series. It can be used as a low-profile fan item for everyday use or a cosplay item!

This edition also features a genuine leather panel with an emblem of the Survey Corps on the front. It is an optional accessory to turn the bag into a more hardcore item to truly dedicate your heart and further express your loyalty to the Corps. A set that includes all three swappable panels (Survey Corps, Garrison, and Military Police Brigade) depending on your preference is also available!

The Vertical Maneuvering Equipment 4-Way Bag is perfect for casual errands!

The Military Crest Set can be used to arrange and decorate your bag!

Note: The product is under development. The actual product may vary from the images.


Fits Waists: 68-116 cm | 26.8”-45.7”
Dimensions (approx.)

  • X-shaped Belt Length: 100-162 cm | 39.4”-63.8”
  • Main Compartment Zipper Length: 48 cm | 18.9”
  • Side Pocket: 17 x 15 cm | 6.7” x 5.9”
  • Side Pocket Zipper Length: 19 cm | 7.5”
  • Back Pocket Zipper Length: 13 cm | 5.1”
  • Belt Wing Pocket Zipper Length: 12 cm | 4.7”
  • Inner Mesh Pocket: 13 x 21 cm | 5.1” x 8.3”
    Weight: 1100g
    Materials: waxed cotton twill, genuine leather
    Also includes X-shaped belt, straight belt

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![file]( [Synopsis] In a world where Titans ruled the world, humans had become the prey of the Titans and built massive 50-meter walls to protect themselves from annihilation in exchange for their freedom to the outside world...

Eren Yeager was a 10-year-old who dreamed of the outside world beyond the walls.
He felt out of place with people surrounding him who were satisfied with the temporary peace and had given up on leaving their walled-up world. Eren called them cattle, and they had alienated him.

However, with the emergence of the Colossus Titan which was able to cross over the wall, Eren's dream and the people's peace were suddenly crushed to bits.

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