Furisode Sample on Display Now at EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01 in Ikebukuro! Check It Out and Take the Survey Too!

Oct. 29, 2016

A design survey for the EVANGELION × Full Graphic Kimono is available to take now until October 31 at the official Evangelion store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo - EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01

Also at the store is your first chance to see a sample of the furisode kimono! The design chosen for the sample features a collection of Evangelion units, and is one that has been receiving plenty of positive responses in the survey. If you live close by or happen to be visiting Tokyo, make sure to stop by!

Each design has been carefully crafted to demonstrate the beauty of the furisode kimono, regardless of whether you choose to wear it or put it on display. As shown in the photograph, the furisode kimono is absolutely stunning even as a part of interior decoration. See it in person to experience for yourself the quality and intensity of this item that is fully made in Japan!