Top 10 Anime Girls That Fans Fell in Love With at First Sight! [Fall 2022]

Now that fall is over, we've gone through tons of twists and turns with different anime characters of all kinds. However, there has to be at least one girl you just couldn’t help falling in love with at first sight (sorry). Anime news website Anime!Anime! held a survey to find out, and here are the results!

©Aki Hamaji/Houbunsha/Aniplex

10. Liu Shouxue, Raven Of The Inner Palace
9. Mirko, My Hero Academia
8. Ryo Yamada, Bocchi the Rock!
7. Suletta Mercury, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury
6. Hitori Goto, Bocchi the Rock!
5. Lum, Urusei Yatsura
4. Yor Forger, Spy x Family

It’s been a great list so far, but who made it through into the top three of your heart?

3. Anya Forger, Spy x Family

©Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy x Family Production Committee

In third place with 6% of the vote is Spy x Family’s adorable telepath daughter Anya Forger. Fans particularly liked her caring attitude and desire to help others.

2. Power, Chainsaw Man

Striding into second place with 8% of the vote is Chainsaw Man’s Power. Her declaration of "You stand in the presence of Power!" struck fans along with her independent nature and egotistical personality.

1. Makima, Chainsaw Man

And in first place with 16% of the vote is “necessary evil” Makima! What charmed her fans was her monotone voice and intense authority along with brief flashes of kindness.

And there we are! The leading ladies of Chainsaw Man and Spy x Family dominated the top four, but do you agree? And if you're curious about the guys, find their ranking right over here!

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!


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