Edens Zero Reveals Character Voices in Teaser PV!

Edens Zero Reveals Character Voices in Teaser PV!

Upcoming anime Edens Zero has released a teaser PV revealing the voices of its three main characters!

As showcased in the teaser, Terashima Takuma voices Shiki, Komatsu Mikako voices Rebecca, and Kugimiya Rie voices her cat companion Happy.

Created by Fairy Tail's Mashima Hiro, the science fiction manga has been running in Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2018. The story follows Shiki Granbell, a young boy raised by machines on a planet where he is the only human. After meeting Rebecca, who has come to record videos for her online channel, Shiki sets off on a journey through space in search of the mysterious “Mother."

Edens Zero is slated to air from Apr. 10.

(C) Mashima Hiro / Kodansha, NTV

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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