Japan's Manga Artists Thank Essential Workers With #GratefulForTheHeroes Illustrations!

Japan's Manga Artists Thank Essential Workers With #GratefulForTheHeroes Illustrations!

Although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced to many stay at home, it is still vital for certain places and services to be staffed. To show gratitude for essential workers in fields like healthcare, retail, delivery and more, Japanese manga artists have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #GratefulForTheHeroes絵 ("GratefulForTheHeroesPicture").

Inspired by the words of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo thanking essential workers, shoujo manga author Hiura Satoru kicked things off with a tribute to healthcare workers.

In her signature style, Chihayafuru author Suetsugu Yuki thanked delivery staff of all kinds.

Himekawa Akira, the duo behind many The Legend of Zelda's manga adaptations, commented that considering their regular job, they just had to illustrate the real life heroes of today.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!'s Fujiwara Hiro expressed gratitude and support for healthcare workers and all those who make it possible to keep on living.

Medical manga artist Koshino Ryou illustrated a poignant first-person perspective of a worker hoping to protect those who also protected her.

We Married as a Job's Umino Tsunami thanked all people on the frontlines.

Manga artist Nahakara Momota's illustration showed the all too familiar sight of a drug store employee apologizing for a lack of masks. However, in her words as the customer, Nakahara simply thanks her and says that she will visit again, expressing her wish for everyone to consider others, including these worker.

In a salute to healthcare workers, mystery/shoujo manga artist Noma Miyuki acknowledged the scars and burdens they had to bear.

Manga artist Hoshizaki Maki thanked delivery workers, acknowledging their vital role in daily life.

Cheering on healthcare workers, josei manga artist Monden Akiko shared an intense portrait.

Manga artist Nagatsuki Misoka made sure to thank all essential workers in her drawing, including those at the reception.

Finally, manga artist Iogi Juichi contributed a heartwarming illustration of a doctor catching up on some well-needed sleep.

With the tag's creator inviting anyone to participate, not only professionals, but artists of all kinds have shown their gratitude through Twitter. Check out the rest here!

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