Evangelion Teams Up With Tamagotchi For Angel-Raising Mission!

Evangelion Teams Up With Tamagotchi For Angel-Raising Mission!

Classic mecha franchise Evangelion is teaming up with ‘90s toy phenomenon Tamagotchi for the ultimate nostalgia fest!

Those who get their hands on an "Evatchi", or Eva-themed Tamagotchi, will be tasked with the mission of raising one of more than twenty types of Angels from foetus to final form. In the course of its development, players will also have the chance to play minigames, see familiar scenes from the hit anime, and even raise certain popular characters.

The Evatchi will be released in designs modelled on Shinji’s Eva-01 Test Type, Rei’s Eva-00 Prototype, and Asuka’s EVA-02 Production Model.

First released as an original anime in 1995, Neon Genesis Evangelion follows teenager Ikari Shinji as he is forced to defend humanity from existential threat by piloting a giant robot at the behest of his authoritarian father.

The first Tamagotchi was released one year later and also went on to become a worldwide phenomenon. The egg-shaped devices allowed a careful owner to “raise” their very own digital pet by making sure to regularly feed it and play with it, and generally show love to help it grow.

The Evatchi models will be available for purchase from Jun. 13, with preorders now open at online retailers and the Evangelion Store. For more information, visit the official website.

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