New Evangelion Smartphone Game to Launch in 2020!

New Evangelion Smartphone Game to Launch in 2020!

Mobcast Games is teaming up with the iconic Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise for a new smartphone game set for release in 2020!

Promised to be more than just a mobile game, the project aims to deliver a new kind of entertainment to fans. No further details have so far been announced, but the game is expected to launch next year.

Originally a manga serialized in Shonen Ace from 1994, Evangelion follows several teenagers who are chosen to pilot mecha in order to protect the mankind from hostile beings called Angels. In 1995, it received a hugely popular anime adaptation written and directed by Anno Hideaki and has since then developed into a huge franchise encompassing games, audio books, light novels and more.


Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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