Ahiru no Sora Releases Latest Key Visual!

Ahiru no Sora Releases Latest Key Visual!

Basketball anime Ahiru no Sora has released its latest key visual!

The series will also change its opening and ending themes from April. Rock band Blue Encount will perform the show’s opening “Hummingbird”, while voice actor Miyano Mamoru will perform ending theme “Hikari Sasu Hou e”.

Based on the popular manga by Hinata Takeshi, the series revolves around Kurumatani Sora, a short yet talented high school basketball player. Despite a rocky start at his new school, he continues to play with passion and positivity in pursuing his basketball dreams.

Ahiru no Sora is currently airing in Japan.

(C)Hinata Takeshi, Kodansha / Ahiru no Sora Production Committee, TV Tokyo

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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