BNA Releases Second Trailer!

BNA Releases Second Trailer!

Anime studio Trigger has released a second trailer for its upcoming TV anime BNA, featuring opening theme "Ready to"!

“Ready to” is performed by voice actress Morohoshi Sumire in character as Kagemori Michiru. AAAMYYY will perform ending theme “Night Running”.

BNA, standing for "Brand New Animal", is an original anime project directed by Little Witch Academia’s Yoshinari Yoh and scripted by Promare’s Nakashima Kazuki.

In a world where humans and human animals co-exist, one day 17-year-old human Kagemori Michiru suddenly turns into a tanuki person. Hoping to find out the reason for her sudden transformation, she moves to Anima City.

The first six episodes of BNA will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix from Mar. 21, while TV broadcasts begin on Apr. 9.

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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