Hypnosis Mic Reveals New Visual For Manga Adaptation!

Hypnosis Mic Reveals New Visual For Manga Adaptation!

Popular rap project Hypnosis Mic has revealed teaser visuals for its upcoming manga adaptations!

The three adaptations will begin serialization in December in three magazines: Shonen Magazine Edge, Monthly Shonen Sirius, and Monthly Comic Zero Sum. Each will tell a different story revolving around the main characters of the project.

First up is Hypnosis Mic -Before the Battle- The Dirty Dawg coming out on Dec. 17 in Shonen Magazine Edge. It’ll then be followed by Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- side B.B & M.T.C in Monthly Shonen Sirius on Dec. 26. Last to debut will be Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- side F.P & M on Dec. 28 in Monthly Comic Zero Sum.

Hypnosis Mic is set in a world where war is waged not with weapons, but words. It focusses on four main units named Buster Bros!!!, MAD TRIGGER CREW, Fling Posse, and Matenrou, each controlling and fighting for their own territory. The project officially began back in Sept. 2017, and the final battle of the first season (MAD TRIGGER CREW versus Matenrou) is set to release on Nov. 14, 2018.

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