Kemono Friends Season 2 to Premiere Jan. 7!

Kemono Friends Season 2 to Premiere Jan. 7!

A new announcement has confirmed that Kemono Friends is returning with Season 2 on Jan. 7, 2019!

The news was accompanied by the sixth visual for the upcoming anime, plus cast and staff news. Fans can expect the return of main cast members, including Ozaki Yuka as Serval. New additions to the group include Koike Riko (Sunagawa Mai in Harukana Receive ) as Caracal and Ishikawa Yui (Ackerman Mikasa in Attack on Titan ) as Child.

Kemono Friends will be headed by a new director for the second season: Kimura Ryuichi, who has previously worked on Aikatsu! and Sakura Taisen: New York NY. Series composition and screenplay will be handled by Masumoto Takuya, while Tomason is to replace Yaoyorozu for the animation.

When fans tune in to next year’s premiere, they'll find themselves at the beginning of an adventure where Serval and Caracal discovers a child in a forest. The child joins the duo as they venture through Japari Park, meeting curious Friends along the way and eventually finding themselves in a pinch.

Kemono Friends Season 2 is slated to begin airing on Jan. 7, 2019.


Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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