Touken Ranbu Live Action Film Releases Mikazuki Munechika Visual!

Touken Ranbu Live Action Film Releases Mikazuki Munechika Visual!

The live action movie adaptation for Touken Ranbu has released a gorgeous new visual of Suzuki Hiroki as Mikazuki Munechika!

The Touken Ranbu franchise revolves around a massively popular simulation game in which players collect famous swords. These weapons have been turned into warriors called Touken Danshi and fight to protect history. Since its release in 2015, more than two million users have registered, and it has been adapted into everything from anime to musicals and stage plays.

This film is being directed by Yakumo Saiji with a screenplay by Kobayashi Yasuko. Like many of the cast, Suzuki will be reprising his role from the stage play adaptations. Other members include Aramaki Yoshihiko as Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, Kitamura Ryou as Yagen Toushirou, Wada Masanari as Heshikiri Hasebe, Iwanaga Hiroaki as Nihongou, Sadamoto Fuma as Honebami Toushirou, Shiina Taizo as Fudou Yukimitsu, and Hirose Tomoki as Uguisumaru.

Touken Ranbu: The Movie is slated to premiere in 2019.

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