Splatoon 2 x Sanrio Characters Collab For Turf War Showdown!

Splatoon 2 x Sanrio Characters Collab For Turf War Showdown!

Popular Sanrio characters are joining Splatoon 2's party for a new collaboration that has cuteness meters going off the charts!

Splatoon 2 × Sanrio Characters first began with fans being polled on the cutest Sanrio characters to date. This year, the top four favorites are Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, and Pompompurin. But rather than relying on polls to decide who deserves first place, Sanrio is getting creative with a Turf War tournament!

Players in Japan will be able to root for their favorite which will be reflected with shirts featuring the four top characters. Fans of Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll will face off on May 19, with the same for Pompompurin and My Melody on May 26. The winners of the two matches will then have a final showdown on Jun. 9!

Real versions of the in-game shirts will also be available for preorder and purchase on My Nintendo Store and selected Sanrio Shop locations.

The final piece of the collaboration comes in the form of a poll. Fans are encouraged to vote for the cutest collaboration to date between its characters and other series until Jun. 11 at Sanrio's character ranking website. Naturally, this new collab with the Splatoon 2 crew is also in the running.

For more information, visit Splatoon Japan's official Twitter and the Sanrio Character Ranking website.

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