Ensemble Stars Confirms Anime For 2019!

Ensemble Stars Confirms Anime For 2019!

Popular idol-training smartphone game Ensemble Stars has confirmed a TV anime adaptation to be broadcast in 2019.

The key visual for the series released via the teaser website features idol group Trickstar. Appearances are also expected from groups fine, Akatsuki, UNDEAD, Knights, Ryuseitai, Ra*bits, 2wink, Valkyrie, Switch, MaM, Adam, and Eve, as well as Sagami Jin and Kunugi Akiomi.

The voice actors from the game are set to reprise their roles for the TV anime, which is being produced by David Production. Akira, the original scenario writer for the game, will handle series composition, with Kuwabara Satoru of Arte Refact producing the music, and Kato Tatsuya of APDREAM composing the score.

Ensemble Stars is slated to broadcast in 2019.

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