Live Action Kakegurui TV Drama Unveils Trailer!

Live Action Kakegurui TV Drama Unveils Trailer!

Upcoming live action TV drama Kakegurui has revealed a new trailer!

Written by Kawamoto Homura and illustrated by Naomura Toru, the original Kakegurui manga is currently being serialized in the monthly magazine Gangan Joker. The series received an anime adaptation in 2017, with a second season to follow.

Hamabe Minami will be playing Jabami Yumeko, capturing both her seemingly angelic personality and the otherworldly expression she gets when gambling. The way she screams her catchphrase, “Now, let’s gamble!” really sets the mood.

Morikawa Aoi plays Saotome Mary and Takasugi Mahiro, who usually plays cool guys, appears as Suzui Ryota, Mary’s “pet” and later Yumeko’s ally.

Fans can also see Nakagawa Taishi as Manyuda Kaede and Mito Natsume in the role of Yomozuki Runa, as well as a peek of Momobami Kirari, the head of the student council, and the masked vice president.

Kakegurui premieres on Jan. 14 on MBS and Jan. 16 on TBS under the “Drama-ism” programming block.

(C) Kawamoto Homura, Naomura Toru / Square Enix, Drama Kakegurui Production Committee, MBS

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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