Meet The Characters of Nevermore!!

Meet The Characters of Nevermore!!

Witch’s Forest is a strange space in which it feels like all of the malice in the world has been packed. This forest of warped and unsettling trees and shrubs is ruled by a girl called Witch, and she’s said to have the terrifying power to destroy the entire world in the blink of an eye… This is a story of mankind that follows her as she survives the desperate circumstances of Witch’s Forest using her wisdom and power… well, not exactly. Maybe that one will come later.

Nevermore!! is a heartwarming and violent slapstick comedy following Witch, a lover of anime, manga, and video games in Witch’s Forest, and her familiars.

Character designs and illustrations are being done by Asahiro, known for a cute and beautifully colorful style, and TOM Shop staff member usagi computing is in charge of setup and screenplay. Asahiro’s adorable illustrations are a definite highlight.

If you find yourself falling in love with Nevermore!!, you can even take main character Witch home with a charming T-shirt made by the writer himself (it's also somehow both bootleg and official)!

See below for Nevermore!! character visuals and videos.

Character Introductions:
Alice and Telece


Sitting in front of a monitor in a dark room is the wielder of the world’s greatest power: Witch. Sorry for the bad first impression…

#2 Good Song

Telece, a homunculus serving Witch, and Alice, a moving corpse. The lack of respect for Witch is immediately clear. Witch also has a wide variety of tastes with beauties and beasts of all shape becoming her friends.

#3 Falls

Apparently Terr, Witch’s young butler boy with dog ears, likes old games, and it seems that Witch (a fan of new things) has prepared a present for him: a VR headset. There was some Googling for roguelikes.

#4 Free Kitten

Bunyan is a familiar with a large build that was made from a cat. Before being made into a familiar, she was apparently a bit rebellious. Her favorite Ghibli work is On Your Mark (because it’s short).

#5 Magick Meals

Familiars are made by Witch, and their magical powers are borrwed from her. As a result, they can’t even exercise unless they gain magical power from Witch. That aside, it seems that Bunyan is in a rebellious mood… although that seems to always be the case.

#6 Exterminator!

Terr has been growing vegetables and was just taking care of the field with Alice when she spots a dummy there. Looking at the drawings there are windmills and fortress, so please ignore the parts that aren’t at a “kitchen garden” level. It’s magic. It’s all magic, somehow or other.

#7: I'm (not) your mother

Bunyan, the girl with cat ears, is fighting against Witch as usual, but today, she’s thinking a little differently.
Today, Witch just wants to get the sermon over with quickly so she can get back to Fate/Grand Order.

#8: Misty Drop (or Medicine for Melancholia)

There simply isn’t rain in the Witch’s Forest, but today, you can hear it.
Witch has locked herself up in her room and won’t come out. The familiars are feeling somber like animals of the rainy season, as well.
The world of Witch is an obscure one, but in the outside world in human society, things seem bittersweet.

Artist: asahiro
Writer: usagi computing
Movie: Side Ranch


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