Nagai Go Holds 50th Anniversary Exhibition in Shibuya!

Nagai Go Holds 50th Anniversary Exhibition in Shibuya!

Nagai Go, the legendary mangaka behind Mazinger Z and Cutie Honey, is holding an exhibition showcasing 50 years of his work!

Titled “Nagai Go 50EVE ~Nagai Go 50th Anniversary Eve Fest~”, the exhibition will focus on Mazinger Z, Devilman, and Cutie Honey, displaying roughly 50 manuscript replicas from the opening and ending themes. It will also feature lithographs and art graphs, and visitors can even watch the video made for his 40th debut anniversary as well as the “Nagai Go Workshop” from his 45th anniversary project.

Nagai will also appear for a talk show on June 26 from 7:00 pm with other guests. Tickets are available at Tower Records and Lawson Ticket for 2,800 yen.

Visitors can also pick up souvenirs at the exhibition, including T-shirts, tote bags, postcard sets, clear files, beer, and a set for the most ardent of fans. The latter comes with an art graph featuring an illustration drawn for the 40th debut anniversary, signed by Nagai, as well as original page replicas from Mazinger Z, Devilman, and Cutie Honey live events. There are only 50 pieces made of this highly rare collector’s set, which explains the hefty price tag of 270,000 yen.

“Nagai Go 50EVE ~Nagai Go 50th Anniversary Eve Fest~” is only the first in the line among various projects to celebrate Nagai’s 50th debut anniversary: There is also a mystery game titled “Riddle 50 Nagai Go ~A Written Challenge from Nagai Go~” to be held from June 10 to Aug. 31. Mystery games based on Nagai’s work are hard to come by, so this is one fans will love for sure!

“Nagai Go 50EVE ~Nagai Go 50th Anniversary Eve Fest~”
Duration: June 21 (Wed) ~ July 2 (Sun)
Place: SpaceHachikai event hall (8th floor of Tower Records Shibuya)
Open hours: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm (closes at 5:00 pm on the last day)
※Last entrance is 30 minutes before closing.
Entrance fee: 800 yen

(C)1972‐2017 Go Nagai / Dynamic Production All Rights Reserved.

Source: AnimeAnime

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