Sanrio Danshi PV & Key Visual Released!

Sanrio Danshi PV & Key Visual Released!

A PV for the Sanrio Danshi anime has finally been released! It shows each of the main five characters and their favorite Sanrio characters, and as well as them taking a picture (the key visual) while sitting on the teacher’s desk.

We don’t get to hear their voices in the video, but voice actors already selected include Eguchi Takuya as Hasegawa Kota, Saito Soma as Mizuno Yuu, Osuka Jun as Yoshino Shunsuke, Kagura Hiroyuki as Nishimiya Ryou, and Uchida Yuma as Minamoto Seiichiro.

There will also be character CDs released in addition to the anime. The 3rd will be coming out on June 7 by Yoshino Shunsuke, the 4th on July 19 by Mizuno Yuu, and the 5th will be coming out on Sept. 20 by Nishimiya Ryou.

With the Sanrio Character Contest going on, this is a pretty great time to release Sanrio Danshi news! Cinnamoroll was in first place after the first day of voting, so Minamoto must be pretty excited~

Sanrio Danshi
Airs January 2018

(c) 1976,1996,2001,2015,2017 Sanrio Co., Ltd. Seikawa High School PTA

Source: AnimeAnime

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