AR Ikemen: The New Dimension in Fangirling

AR Ikemen: The New Dimension in Fangirling

It’s pretty easy to imagine popular idols getting a lot of candy on Valentine’s Day and White Day. Look at this impressive haul - guess which popular idols received all these?

It's not just Valentine's Day! A month later these idols are still getting tons of presents...

Introducing AR performers! These stars include Shinji, Leon, Reiji, and Daiya, all of whom belong to agency Artists Republic and attend ISM (the International School of Music) in Yokohama. Shinji and Leon are solo performers, but Reiji and Daiya are a part of their own unit Rebel Cross!

Shinji was born to a famed composer and opera singer and trained in violin, ballet, and figure skating. He made his transition from the classics into pop music after getting into ISM, and you can hear his single “The World is Mine” below!

Leon’s parents are Japanese and Brazilian, and he was raised in Kobe, Japan. He now lives in the ISM dorms and trains, boasting an impressive 4-octave vocal range! He’s also an impressive dancer and has the looks of a model. His first single was “Logical Dreamer!”

Reiji and Daiya were childhood friends and made an indie band together called Cross Bone before getting into ISM and establishing Rebel Cross! Their single “The Kiss” went on sale last August

This project was developed by producer Akari Uchida, considered a father-in-law to fans of the LovePlus series! The LovePlus games manage to make you feel like the characters are real, going as far as to use the DS system camera to project the real world into the game! Likewise, the AR Performers project is aiming to bring AR idols into the lives of the fans using cutting-edge technology. They also just released their 1st mini album “A’LIVE” in March!

The big thing is their concerts!! Get a glimpse through this recording from one of their shows in January featuring a pretty fantastic cover.

The special effects and energy brought to the stage make their shows a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Each idol has so much personality, and you even get to hear them banter a bit~

They’re making their return to the stage this month for their latest concert, 1st A’LIVE REWIND, on Apr. 14 and 15. They’ll be at the DMM VR Theater, a specially designed theater equipped with all of the tech needed to bring them to life. Hopefully they’ll be making appearances internationally, too!

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