How Many Coins Can You Balance?!

How Many Coins Can You Balance?!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can’t even get a coin to balance on its side. Twitter user @thumb_tani, though, makes creating beautiful towers of coins look effortless!

Could you imagine balancing something like this?!

Isn’t it incredible? The sheer skill of balancing the coins isn’t all, though, as @thumb_tani also creates beautiful geometric patterns.

Some are also functional, like this stylishly awesome pencil holder!

The next one was made entirely with 1-yen coins.

This design combines both gorgeous geometry and balance!

Creating these must take an incredible amount of balance, and sometimes it may not work out…

… but geeze, when it does!

You can see a lot of @thumb_tani’s other work (as well as some juggling!) on his official Twitter.

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