Gintama Live-Action Movie Releases Shinsengumi Visuals!

Gintama Live-Action Movie Releases Shinsengumi Visuals!

Set to open on July 14 this year, the Gintama live-action movie is one of the most hyped films of the year in Japan. The movie's official Twitter account has been periodically releasing visuals of the characters in their glorious 3D renditions, and this time they've revealed the first looks at the three major Shinsengumi characters from the series.

First up is Kondo Isao, head of the Shinsengumi, played by actor Nakamuro Kankuro. Nakamura was actually recommended by lead Oguri Shun to be cast for this role.

Next is Vice-Captain Hijikata Toshiro. We look forward to Hijikata's actor Yagira Yuya drinking his fair share of mayonnaise...

Last but not least is Yoshizawa Ryo as Okita Souga. The younger squad captain is looking just as sadistic as he is in the original works!

Can't wait? Check out the teaser below:

Stay tuned for more updates and also follow the Gintama live action movie's official Twitter for more details.

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