Gintama x Huis Ten Bosch Collaboration Project Renewed!

Gintama x Huis Ten Bosch Collaboration Project Renewed!

Some of you may know that Gintama is collaborating with Huis Ten Bosch, a Netherlands-themed theme park located in Nagasaki. We have good news for you: while the collaboration event “Gintama x Huis Ten Bosch ~If You Go to Nagasaki on a School Trip, the Second Day Is Mostly Huis Ten Bosch” ends on March 12, it will open again on March 18 renewed as “Zabes Ten Bosch 2 ~Thinking about Taking Huis Ten Bosch~”!

“Zabes Ten Bosch 2” will feature a renewed scenario for the exclusively recorded voice rally taking place in Huis Ten Bosch, and you can also take photos with Gintama characters in the Zabes Ten Bosch building! In addition, there will be more Huis Ten Bosch x Gintama collaboration foods and goodies waiting, as well~

Zabes Ten Bosch 2 ~Thinking about Taking Huis Ten Bosch~
Duration: March 18 (Sat.) ~ end of March (planned)
Place: Zabes Ten Bosch 2 (located in Thriller City, Huis Ten Bosch)
- Voice Rally: Details pending
- Exhibition Hall: Free (requires Huis Ten Bosch admission)

Take photos with your favorite characters at the photo spot in Zabes Ten Bosch!

Gintama Collabo Gourmet
★ Try a “Gorilla Dog ~Kondou’s Honey Strategy” or the “Elizabeth Cheeseburger” available at Sasebo burger shops!

Gintama Collab Goodies
★ Featuring a limited edition “Zabes Logogram” design!

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