Pokémon Marks 21st Anniversary!

Pokémon Marks 21st Anniversary!

On Feb. 27, 1996, Nintendo released two games played on a small, handheld console to the public in Japan - Pokémon Green and Pokémon Red. With this iconic beginning, the numerous Pokémon games, anime and manga gained massive success and went on to bring joy to countless fans around the world. And as of today, Pokémon is now celebrating its 21st anniversary - so congratulations!

Last year's Pokémon Go release showed us that even after two decades, it's still possible to captivate every generation! So, it seems fitting that Pokémon's 21st anniversary is marked with the chance to add this special party hat Pikachu to your group of Pokéfriends!

Of course, the official channels aren't the only ones celebrating - it's Pokémon, after all! All over the Internet, people are wishing their congratulations and reminiscing about their experiences with its various versions, and this has also come with a ton of awesome fan art!

21 years on and we're still debating over which starter's the best - but in the end, we love them all!

Latte art master Belcorno is celebrating with an adorable Pikachu coffee (what else?!).

Trainer and Pokémon - friend forever.

Generation 2 is getting excited too!

They may be rivals, but that doesn't matter because it's celebration time!

21 Pokémon for 21 years. There's a shiny version on the right too!

This artist's love for Ditto since their kindergarten days is reflected in this cute little 4×4 Pokégrid!

Thank you Pokémon for these 21 wonderful years and here's to more!

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