Hyper Projection Play Haikyu!!: Shousha to Haisha Will Be Bigger Than Ever!

Hyper Projection Play Haikyu!!: Shousha to Haisha Will Be Bigger Than Ever!

Haikyu!! is an incredibly popular volleyball manga serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, and it has also had a number of successful stage adaptations titled Hyper Projection Play Haikyu!!. The first was Itadaki no Keshiki, which opened in November 2015 and ended in April 2016, followed by Karasuno, Fukkatsu! which opened in October 2016. Following these will be the 3rd in the series, Shousha to Haisha ( Winners and Losers ).

The last play was so popular that every performance had people lining up for same-day tickets, and there was even a live viewing of the final program nationwide. Even more people are expected to come to the Tokyo showings of this new play, so the stage has been upgraded to the large Tokyo Dome City Hall.

The location’s size, stage, and even the seats will be different from before, adding to the excitement of imagining how this new play will be set up, and how the cast will evolve.

This is the first time a Haikyu!! play is being performed at Tokyo Dome City, so there will be an exhibition from Apr. 24 through May 28 (closed some days) that’ll give visitors a chance to experience the set and clips. Fans will be able to enjoy both the Tokyo return performance and the exhibition, and even check out some exhibit-limited original products.

Protagonist Hinata Shoyo of Karasuno High School will once again be played by the highly capable Suga Kenta who possesses incredible physical talent. Hinata’s rival and the King of the Court, the genius player Kageyama Tobio, will be played by Kimura Tatsunari, known for charming audiences with his stage presence. The Karasuno team seen in the other plays are being kept together, so viewers will get to enjoy a cast whose teamwork has grown as much as the characters’.

Kageyama’s upperclassman in middle school and Aoba Josai High’s captain, Oikawa Toru, will be played by Asuma Kosuke who made his debut in the first play. Aoba Josai High’s vice captain will be played by Allen Kohatsu. This play has pulled together an incredible cast, as well as a number of highly talented creators. Shousha to Haisha will be yet another must-see as the teams fight for the crown.

Performance Details
Hyper Projection Play Haikyu!!: Shousha to Haisha
■ Original Work: Furudate Haruichi’s Haikyu!! (serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump)
■ Director: Wally Kinoshita
■ Script: Nakayashiki Norihito, Wally Kinoshita

Performance Dates & Locations
Tokyo: Mar. 24 (Fri.) - Mar. 26 (Sun.), 2017, Tokyo Dome City Hall
Miyagi: Mar. 31 (Fri.) - Apr. 2 (Sun.), 2017, Tagajo City Cultural Center Large Hall
Osaka: Apr. 13 (Thur.) - Apr. 16 (Sun.), 2017, Umeda Fine Arts Theater Main Hall
Furuoka: Apr. 21 (Fri.) - Apr. 23 (Sun.), 2017, Canal City Theater
Return to Tokyo: Apr. 28 (Fri.) - May 7 (Sun.), 2017, Tokyo Dome City Hall

General Sale: Feb. 19 (Sun.), 2017 from 10:00 am
Tokyo, Osaka, Return to Tokyo: S Seats: 8,800 yen, A Seats: 6,800 yen (all seats assigned, tax included)
Miyagi, Fukuoka: 8,800 yen (all seats assigned, tax included)

Official Site
■ For Questions About Tickets: Sunrise Promotion Tokyo Telephone Number: 0570-00-3337 (open everyday from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm)
■ For Questions About Performances: Nelke Planning Telephone Number: 03-3715-5624 (open weekdays from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm)
■ Organization: Hyper Projection Play Haikyu!! Production Committee (TBS / Nelke Planning / Toho / Shueisha / Cube)

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