How Much Do You Know About Japan? Find out with CoFesta Ambassadors!

How Much Do You Know About Japan? Find out with CoFesta Ambassadors!

How much do you really know about Japan? We’re about to find out what the CoFesta Ambassadors know, so get ready!

#1 Otsukaresama

“Otsukaresama!” is extremely important in the Japanese workplace. In a literal way, it’s saying that the person must have worked so hard that they’re tired, so you could translate it as “Good work today!”

The problem, though, is that you don’t have to wait until the end of the day to say it. Did a co-worker just spend a few hours working on a really important paper for a meeting? Otsukare! This video dives into the awkwardness of figuring out an okay time to start saying it.

#2 Japanese Toilets

Oh, Japanese toilets. Toire are an essential thing to know about, and there are two kinds of toilets in particular people tend to think of when they think of Japanese toilets: the super advanced kind with warm seats and bidets, and the older kind built into the ground that you squat to use.

Learn a bit about the logic behind classic toilets and all of the special features of super modern toilets in this one!

#3 Tsumaranai Mono Desu Ga

“Tsumaranai mono desu ga” has classic Japanese culture packed into it. It literally means “This is a boring item, but…” and it’s the default polite phrase when giving a present to someone!

It can be hard to get into the mindset of this phrase because if you have a gift for someone, you probably got it because you think they’ll like it! The group talks about this phrase and the amazing culture of Japanese gift-giving in this video.

#4 Japanese Events

Japan has all sorts of unique events, parties, and holidays throughout the year like shinnenkai for New Year’s parties!~ They also add their own touches on classics like Christmas, like the famous tradition of eating KFC on Christmas, or changing up Valentine’s Day and adding White Day! Test your knowledge on Japanese events with the CoFesta crew.

#5 Sushi

Whether you’re looking at a menu or watching the lineup pass you at a revolving sushi place, it’s pretty easy to tell that there are a ton of different kinds of sushi. The group talks about their favorites in this video, and you’ll also get a handy tip on picking out a place with some great sushi! (Just get ready for your stomach to growl!)

#6 Keigo

Keigo is a really hard concept and a source of frustration for students studying Japanese all over the world. Picking the right words, knowing how to keigo-ify certain verbs, knowing which kind of keigo to use with a coworker… It’s never easy! It’s a relief, at least, to know that even native Japanese speakers can have trouble when they first start to use it. Learn a bit about keigo and everything that goes into it in this Everyday Japan video!

#7 Izakaya

An izakaya is like a Japanese pub offering both (usually) affordable drinks and delicious eats! It’s also an important place for post-work bonding. Enjoy learning about izakaya culture while also hearing some great episodes from the CoFesta Ambassadors!

#8 Shokuji no Manner

Food is one of the best ways to learn about culture. Whether it’s what meals consist of, how a table is set, or the manners of people sitting at the table, there’s a lot to learn! Pick up a bit about Japanese food-related manners in this episode as the group talks about the all-important topic of noodle slurping.

#9 Omoshiroi Nihongo

Mix up your Japanese with some fun new words in this video that covers some omoshiroi nihongo! The group talks about some unique words and phrases they’ve come across in this one like chin pun kan pun.

#10 Kotsu

Japan’s public transportation system, or kotsu, is well-known around the world, and whether it’s trains, buses, or whatever else, it’s hard to get around Tokyo without taking advantage of it! It can be pretty intimidating when you first encounter it, though, and the crew talk about their first experiences with it and offer tips on handling the trains in this must-see.

#11 Date

Make your next date a perfect one in this video! Japan has a whole lot of places to take that special someone, and you might just find the perfect one through this video, whether it’s an illumination, theme park, or ridiculously good restaurant.

#12 Akihabara

A video game, manga, or anime fan’s trip to Tokyo wouldn’t be complete without a pilgrimage to Akihabara. Hear all about it and learn about where to go in this video about Japan’s electric town! The group talks about maid and butler cafes, arcades, and idols in this video~

About CoFesta

CoFesta (Japan International Content Festival) is a project dedicated to sharing all aspects of Japan’s video games, anime, manga, characters, TV, music, and films, as well as fashion and design industries with visitors!

The CoFesta Ambassadors are interested in Japan, and consist of students studying abroad from over 30 countries. They cooperated with a number of events in 2016.

They’ll continue to share these events with you in 2017! For the latest news and videos from Everyday Japan!, be sure to follow the JAPACON and The CoFesta Ambassadors official Facebook page!

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