Track List and CD Jacket for Tales of Orchestra Concert 2016 Album Revealed

Track List and CD Jacket for Tales of Orchestra Concert 2016 Album Revealed

The Tales of Orchestra Concert 2016 was held last year on Nov. 30 (Wed.) to commemorate the latest release in the Tales of series, Tales of Berseria, at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A.

The heart-pounding and exciting performance from that day has been packed into the Tales of Orchestra Concert 2016 Concert Album, which is going on sale on March 15. The jacket for this album and the list of included songs have been released.

All of the music was packed into one CD with most of the setlist from the day of the concert included (not all songs were recorded), for a volume spanning 78 minutes and 15 songs in total. This incredible full orchestra by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra will let listeners experience the world of the Tales of series, whether they were able to see the performance live or not!

Performing: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Release Date: March 15 (Wed.), 2017
Price: ¥2,963 plus tax
Standard Number: WPCL-12514
Sales Agency: Warner Music Japan
Recording Date: Nov. 30 (Wed.), 2016 (Location: Tokyo International Forum Hall A)

Compiled Songs
1: Yume wa Owaranai ~Kobore Ochiru Toki no Shizuku~ - Tales of Phantasia
2: The Brilliant Capital - Tales of Berseria
3: Nostalgic Home Town - Tales of Berseria
4: The Underwater Ruins of Amenochi - Tales of Berseria
5: The Way of the Embodied Dragon - Tales of Berseria
6: Shout Your Soul / Burn Your Soul & Fly / The Awakened Soul Within the Sky - Tales of Berseria Battle Medley
7: Sorey no Theme ~Doushi~ - Tales of Zestiria
8: Theme of Velvet - Tales of Berseria
9: Tamesareshi Honoo no Kizuna / Kisou wa Chi no Homare / Mizu no Shirabe wa Reiki no Michibiki / Kaze to Mataten no Tatakai - Tales of Zestiria Temple Trial Medley
10: Rising Up - Tales of Zestiria
11: Battle Between One and All - Tales of Berseria
12: Eternal Dream - Tales of Berseria
13: Nekonin Michi - Tales of Zestiria
14: Flying - Tales of Eternia
15: Yume de Aru you ni - Tales of Destiny

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©Inomata Mutsumi
©Fujishima Kosuke
©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

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