Celebrate the New Year With Gintama Live Action Cast’s New Chant!

Celebrate the New Year With Gintama Live Action Cast’s New Chant!

A special new video called Gintama Ondo: Oshogatsu-hen (Gintama Chants: New Year’s Series) has been released for the live-action Gintama film. It’s entirely different from the usual, stylish releases, showing the main cast having fun with big smiles as they sing and dance.

Gintoki (Oguri Shun), Shinpachi (Suda Masaki), and Kagura (Hashimoto Kanna) greet you with an energetic, “Happy New Year!” The mascot character Elisabeth also makes an appearance holding up a “Happy New Year” sign. The cast introduce the song named Gintama Chants and share a unique dance. The lyrics were written by Oguri Shun, the music by Suda Masaki, and the dance was choreographed by Hashimoto Kanna.

And suddenly, the video changes in the middle to the action-packed teaser video recently released! This ends with a parody of music programs featuring Hashimoto and Suda. Hashimoto says, “What an interesting film. That’s worth 800 yen,” and Suda responds, “Or 1,800 yen,” adding the comical side Gintama is known and loved for. The New Year’s Series will include 2 videos, so we can look forward to the next one, as well!

The director and writer behind the live action adaptation is Fukuda Yuichi, also known for the Yusha Yoshihiko series, a hilarious series parodying video games. Now he's taken on adapting this incredibly popular manga franchise with more than 500 million copies printed. The official Twitter already has more than 200 thousand followers, and the clips get more than 1.5 million views in a day, getting a ton of attention.

Gintama is set in a parallel universe where swords are prohibited, thus bringing about the decline of samurai. It follows a strange being from outer space, Sakata Gintoki, in an alternate Edo as he tries to stick to that samurai spirit alongside his friends Shinpachi and Kagura. The Gintama live action film will be premiering in July 2017.

(c)Sorachi Hideaki / Shueisha (c) 2017 Gintama Production Committee

Source: AnimeAnime

Celebrate the New Year With Gintama Live Action Cast’s New Chant! 1

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