Jikan no Shihaisha of Shonen Jump+ Receiving Anime Adaptation!

Jikan no Shihaisha of Shonen Jump+ Receiving Anime Adaptation!

The fantasy manga Jikan no Shihaisha by Taiwanese manga artist Pon Jea has been serialized in Shonen Jump+, and it will be receiving an anime adaptation in 2017.

This fantasy series follows “Jikan no Shihaisha,” people who manipulate time to fight against demons who devour it. A teaser visual was released along with the anime announcement and features the main characters, Viktor and Kiri.

Fukuyama Jun will be playing protagonist Viktor, and Ishikawa Kaito will be playing Kiri. Video comments from each actor have also been posted on the official site.

The staff behind the anime have also been announced. The director will be Matsune Masato, known for works like the TV anime Chaos Dragon: Sekiryu Seneki. The series composition will be written by Yokote Michiko, also known for Shirobako.

project No.9 will be doing the animation. This studio has seen a lot of support since their work on the 2016 anime Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta?.

Original author Pon Jea said happy about the adaptation, “I really want to thank everyone who has supported Jikan no Shihaisha to this point!”

It seems like he's extremely excited for the anime to be made, saying, “It still feels very strange, but I can’t wait to see the characters in motion!”

Director Matsune commented on the series’ charm saying, “This work brings together three keywords that don’t seem to have much in common at first glance: ‘Time,’ ‘Secret,’ and ‘Family Bonds.’”

He continued to say, “The staff and I are working hard to create a work that will be enjoyable to not just fans of the original work, but also newcomers.”

In addition to an official site, a Twitter account has also been opened. More news about the anime will continue to be released. You can also watch a promotional movie that Matsune helped with on the official site.

TV Anime Jikan no Shihaisha
Viktor: Fukuyama Jun
Kiri: Ishikawa Kaito
and more!

Original Work: Pon Jea (Serialized in Shueisha Shonen Jump+ / Cooperation・Friendly Land)
Director: Matsune Masato
Series Composition: Yokote Michiko
Animation: project No.9
(C)2017 YOUKU・FANFAN / Jikan no Shihaisha Production Committee

Source: AnimeAnime

Jikan no Shihaisha of Shonen Jump+ Receiving Anime Adaptation! 1

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