Hello Kitty Dashcam Hits the Road from July 27!

Japanese car electronics and accessories manufacturer Seiwa will release the Hello Kitty Drive Recorder for online sales from July 27.

More and more people have been installing drive recorders or dashcams as a way of recording evidence in case of a car accident or other car-related incident. However, many of the cameras are just boring black boxes so there have been many requests from customers who’d like something cuter taking pride of place on their windscreens. Therefore, Seiwa have developed a cute driving companion sure to ease the worries of the most nervous drivers in the form of this colourful Hello Kitty dashcam.

Hello Kitty Drive Recorder
The drive recorder comes in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head. If you should be unlucky enough to get into an accident, the camera can record exactly what happened, or if you just want to record a pleasant drive the Hello Kitty can handle that too.

Special Features:
- Doesn’t need an on/off switch
The camera starts rolling automatically when the engine starts and stops. Even if you don’t do electronics, you’ll get on fine with this camera.

- Continuous recording function
The camera stores the recording on a microSD card and when the upper limit of the card’s capacity has been reached it starts overwriting the current content. 1

- Gravity sensor
If the camera senses a shock or vibration it automatically goes into emergency mode and protects the already recorded footage by preventing overwriting.

- Monitoring function (stop mode)
The camera also has a “stop mode” so even if the camera senses a shock while the car is stationary it automatically starts filming so it can handle unexpected situations when you aren’t in the car.

- Take photos as a digital camera
If you do happen to have an accident, the camera also has a “still mode” so you can take regular digital photos as evidence of the scene.

- You can easily affix the camera to your windscreen with sticky tape.
- It comes with an 8GB microSD card
- Uses DC 12/24V power supply

Full Specs:
Name: Hello Kitty Drive Recorder
Model Number: KTR1000
Full Details: http://www.seiwa-c.co.jp/products/products.php?p_cd=KTR1000
Price: 14,800 yen (tax excluded)
Vendors (web priority):
- Sanrio Online Shop
- Seiwa Rakuten Shop (Happy Car Life)

Seiwa Website

^1^ The video is recorded in the configured time units (2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes) and when the microSD card’s capacity is reached the camera begins overwriting the old recording. If you turn the loop recording mode off, the camera will continue recording as one file until the memory on the card runs out.

Source: @Press

Hello Kitty Dashcam Hits the Road from July 27! 1
Hello Kitty Dashcam Hits the Road from July 27! 2
Hello Kitty Dashcam Hits the Road from July 27! 3
Hello Kitty Dashcam Hits the Road from July 27! 4

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