New Cast and Visuals Announced for Haikyuu!! 3rd Season

New Cast and Visuals Announced for Haikyuu!! 3rd Season

The second season of popular sports anime Haikyu!! has just finished earlier this year, and the third season was announced for Autumn 2016. The focus of the upcoming season would be the much anticipated Karasuno High School V.S. Shiratorizawa Academy match. This means that a completely new team will at last be animated!

The upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine contains the character designs for one of the strongest rival teams in Haikyuu!! to date. Other than captain Ushijima Wakatoshi voiced by Takeuchi Ryota, this is the first time any of the Shiratorizawa characters have been shown in anime-style drawings.

Alongside the new visuals is also information about the new cast:

Tendori Satori voiced by Kimura Subaru
Goshiki Tsutomu voiced by Tsuchiya Shimba
Shirabu Kenjiro voiced by Toyonaga Toshiyuki
Oohira Reon voiced by Tanzawa Teruyuki
Semi Eita voiced by Terashima Takuma
Yamagata Hayato voiced by Fukuda Kenji
Kawanishi Taiichi voiced by Oomori Daiki

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