Pokédrone Hopes to Help You Catch 'Em All

Pokédrone Hopes to Help You Catch 'Em All

Ever wonder what kind of rare Pokémon are swimming freely in the lake nearby, or resting behind the protection of boulders in the wild?

Without the assistance of various HMs like surf and strength, it could be rather difficult for trainers playing Pokémon Go to explore the waters and other points that are hard to access. To counter this issue, TRNDlabs has revealed what is currently referred to as the Pokédrone, a key item that could really help us “catch them all”!

For those who are not already familiar with TRNDlabs, it is a brand that produces a variety of gadgets and tech to improve daily life. At the moment, the brand is already producing a variety of small-scale drones.

Based on the information available at the moment, the Pokédrone can be used by establishing a wifi connection between the device and your phone. Once connected, the game will operate through the GPS signal and camera of the Pokédrone, allowing you to travel freely across various terrain using the easy-to-use control pad. When you find the wild Pokémon that you need, simply switch the device to hover mode, and start getting your Pokéballs ready!

With automated lift-off and landing procedures, trainers can really focus on finding and catching the Pokémon they want, instead of worrying about the flight of the Pokédrone.

Considering it’s size, we’re not completely sure of how well the Pokédrone will stand up against gusts and other elements. However, we do hope that it will be sturdy enough for us to catch Pokémon in any weather and environment.

Although questions about the legality of the device’s name, the possibility of linking it to Pokémon Go, the price point at which it will be offered, and the impact it can have on player integrity remain unanswered, this is definitely a project that trainers should keep their eyes on!

Updates and information are available through the [TRNDlabs webpage).

Stay tuned and obssess over Pokemon GO with us!

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